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Wanted: awesome projects to collaborate on

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Oh, hello March. The site updates I mentioned in January are coming in the next week or so – I’m just getting a hand with my wonky javascript and then we should be good. The design has stayed the same, but some things to look forward to include: some new work, a new illustration section, cleaner html/css (though I guess that’s not really that exciting).

2011 so far has been fantastic, and biking all winter long has made it not even feel like winter at all… I’ve been out and about more than ever, and I’ve got the salt ruined boots to prove it. January and February were both incredibly busy; I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to do some great work with the awesome teams at Jet Cooper and nulayer over the past few weeks. There’s lots of exciting stuff in the works!

I’m always looking for the next piece of awesome so get in touch and let’s start something amazing!