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Five years / just yesterday

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Just stumbled upon some photos of my 2005 York/Sheridan Grad Show display panels. My god… it seems like a lifetime ago. I still have some of this physical work but some of the digital files have been lost in a series of failed DVD burns/backup drives failing.

Grad show panel

Grad show panel

Grad show panel

Holy shit, blast from the past!

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

I recently stumbled upon my old Flash portfolio website circa 2002… I wish I still had the vector files! I remember labouring over those pill vectors into the dead of night.

my old fully functional website from 2002

Vivian is treated more like an experiment, than a human being.

Aside from being a tranny term (a hilarious fact I just recently found out), my website name “fully functional” was originally meant to be an ironic statement about myself. Back in 2002, there were many, many things medically and emotionally wrong with me. The name isn’t relevant in the same way anymore; now, it applies in a more sincere way, with the ultimate goal to being a fully functional ui/ux/interaction designer and developer.

Clearly the design of this Flash site overwhelms the dinky work… it’s kind of awesome to see where this all started.